Do you want to be your own God?

Be warned. Self-righteousness is a serious sin. “Everyone who seeks righteousness by works without faith denies God and wants to be known as God. Such a person thinks like this, ‘If I do this particular work, I will be conqueror over sin, death, the devil, God’s wrath and hell and obtain eternal life.’ But tell me, what else is this but to want to pry away that work that belongs to God, and that is acting like your own god.” Martin Luther Continue reading Do you want to be your own God?

Pastoral Commitments, 2020

I was so encouraged by reading Christmas Evans’ prayer commitments the other day that I thought I might try and write some of my own. It’s not as easy as you might think because you want to include everything. But here are a few I quickly came up with as I thought about myself, my life and specifically future pastoral ministry. What would you add? I am not self-sufficient at all. I am needy. I will never not be dependent on someone outside myself to meet those needs. And I believe there is only person in the entire universe who … Continue reading Pastoral Commitments, 2020