But What Can I Do?

Sometimes we wonder how we can have a ministry at our local church. Here are some thoughts that I’ve found helpful in moving forward in ministry…

1. I need to make the great aim of my entire life the glory of God.

So how can I glorify God today?

2. I need to worship God with all my heart, mind, strength, and soul.

So what can I praise God for today?

3. I need to grow in my knowledge of Christ, develop a deeper and fuller
understanding of His love for me and learn to trust Him more.

So how can I grow in my knowledge of Christ today?

4. I need to find ways to love others sacrificially so that unbelievers may see my good
works and glorify my Father who is in heaven.

So how can I love another believer today?

5. I need to become a person of the Book.

So what am I going to learn from Scripture today?

6. I need to become a deep thinker about God’s sovereign grace.

So when will I stop and think about God’s grace today?

7. I need to devote myself to prayer.

So who am I going to pray for today?

8. I need to abstain from fleshly lusts, making no provision for the flesh in regard to its lusts.

So what desire do I need to war with today?

9. I need to be totally committed to ministering to others.

So how can I help someone else today?

10. I need to share the gospel with lost sinners.

So who am I going to witness to today?

11. I need to develop biblical friendships.

So who am I going to get to know today?

12. I need to humbly honor even the most difficult Christian above myself.

So who do I need to honor above myself today?

13. I need to think about ways I can help other Christians grow.

So what can I do to help someone else become more like Christ today?

14. I need to use the spiritual gifts God has given me for His glory and for the good of the church.

So how can I use my giftedness today?

15. If I am single, I need to use my singleness as an opportunity to expend myself for the glory of Christ.

So how am I going to use my extra time today?

16. If I am married, I need to commit myself to the biblical model of marriage and seek to fulfill the role God has designed for me for His glory.

So how am I going to love my partner today?

17. I need to examine my life to see if there are ways I am wasting my time on unimportant things instead of redeeming my time for Christ and His glory.

So what do I need to put off and what do I need to put on in its place today?

18. If I am a parent, I need to seek to bring my children up in the knowledge and admonition of the Lord.

So how am I going to teach my children about God today?

19. I need to get to know other believers in meaningful ways.

So what am I going to do to develop deeper relationships with other believers today?

20. I need to fix my hope on heaven.

So how am I going to stir up my desire for eternity today?

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