Am I Patient?

I’ve found the following questions helpful for evaluating whether or not I am manifesting patience in the way I relate to other people:

1. Do I get upset with other people alot?
2. Do I usually return insult for insult?
3. Do I freak out when I don’t get my own way?
4. Do I tend to get annoyed when others don’t see things the way I do?
5. How do I react when I am interrupted?
6. Do I become irritate quickly when others don’t understand what I’m trying to explain to them?
7. Do I give people a hard time when they forget something I told them? Do I just hate having to repeat myself?
8. Do I get ticked off when someone is late or isn’t ready on time?
9. Does it bother me to the point of distraction when I’m not appreciated for doing something?
10. Do I lash out on people who are slow to change?
11. Do I give up on people after one or two failures?

(I need to give a nod to my Dad for these questions. I’ve modified them from a sermon he preached entitled “Aiming for a patient ministry…” You can check it out at

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