What does it look like to be committed to a local church? The following questions might help for personal evaluation…

1.) Do I get together with people from my church alot? Do I get together with them alot so that I can learn from them and perhaps even help them grow spiritually?

2.) Am I working to advance the cause of Christ on a regular basis?

3.) Am I willing to put up with people at my church who don’t know as much as me? Am I willing to say no to some things that I might want and might even have a right to for their spiritual good?

4.) Do I really care about people about my church? Am I careful not to cause any unnecessary division among people at church? Do I feel a personal responsibility for unity at my church?

5.) Am I interested in what is going on in the lives of people at my church? Do I only care about people that seem to care about me or do I look out for the good of people that don’t seem to care that much about me?

6.) Do I know what the spiritual goals are of people at my church? When was the last time I worked at helping someone achieve their spiritual goals? How can I do that even this week?

7.) When someone rebukes me for sin, do I freak out? Am I open for rebuke? Do I allow people to get to know me well enough to rebuke me? Do I put on a show so everybody thinks everything is great with me when it really is not?

8.) Do I give to people in my church who are in need?

9.) When someone is hurting in my church, do I try to help them? Do I visit people who are perhaps physically ill? Am I even willing to?

10.) Do I try to think the best about what other people are doing and saying? Am I loyal to people at my church? Do I want them to be right?

11.) Do I gossip?

12.) Am I excited about worship, hearing the word, and participating in the Lord’s Supper?

13.) Do I pray for other people at the church? In particular, do I often pray for their spiritual good?

14.) Am I willing to confront someone for sin if they need it?

15.) Am I mostly concerned about myself and my rights, or about the rights and concerns of people at my church?

For more check out The Works of John Flavel vol. 6. I basically just piggybacked off many of the ideas he presented there!

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