Better Than Seeing An Angel…

“The Scriptures teach us that angels are continually present in this world, and they are doing all sorts of things in the purpose of God. Since they are spirits, we can’t see them with our eyes. So we go about our day and we are basically unaware of all that is going on around us. Now imagine, that God should somehow give you the ability to see these angels throughout your day. That would certainly change the way you went about doing things, wouldn’t it? You would see angels where everybody else just saw nothing. You would be interested by the sight, you would want to talk with these angels, you would want to become friends with these angels. You wouldn’t be like other men any more, would you? You would be something of a new person, angels would seem much more interesting to you than anything else. People would either think you were crazy or a visionary or just distracted. Now God did not make angels visible to us. But the light of God’s Word does make the Lord of angels in some sense visible to us, at least now he is a reality in our minds, and the Scriptures help us to feel and act as if we saw Him who is invisible. The Scriptures bring God into the circle of objects by which we perceive ourselves surrounded, and in whatever circle he is seen, he will be seen to be the most important object in it. Now if the sight of angels would affect a change in a man’s character, how much more will seeing the infinite God. His favor will appear all important, his anger dreadful; all other objects will, in a measure, lose their interest, and the man will be thought deluded, or visionary or distracted.”[1]
[1] Edward Payson, Legacy of a Legend, Solid Ground Christian Books, Vestavia Hills, Al., 2001, p.43

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