God’s delight

We should want to get to know God.

I think that’s pretty obvious. I mean, we’re talking about the most important person who’s ever existed, the King of the Universe. We’re talking about a person who can speak and entire galaxies come into being, the One who owns absolutely everything. It only makes sense for us to want to get to know God.

But you know what’s amazing to me?

God wants us to know Him.

Think about it. The nations are a drop in the bucket to God, the most important people, peons. He’s seen billions of men and women come and go. He’s been around forever. But still He cares for each one of us so much that He actually wants us to enter into a relationship with Him, to know Him.

In fact, the Bible tells us it’s actually something He delights in.

“…I delight in loyalty rather than sacrifice, and in the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings…” (Hosea 6:6)

You know what makes God happy? You knowing Him!

I don’t know if you watch country music television. They have a show called “In with the Band…” and on the show, they give ordinary fans a chance to meet their favorite country music star.

There was a guy on the show recently who got to meet Willie Nelson. He was so excited he almost started kissing Willie’s feet. Just before he met Willie, he looked into the camera and said seriously,“…just thirty seconds with him would be the best moments of my life.”

Here’s a man who wanted to know Willie. That’s why he was so thrilled when he got the chance.

Imagine how he would have felt if Willie had actually wanted to get to know him…if Willie had in fact pursued him, if Willie had looked into the camera and said, “…man, I just want to be friends with this ordinary fan.”

He would have been flabbergasted – overwhelmed with joy. Getting to know Willie is a privilege, Willie wanting a friendship is even better.

If people get that excited about getting to know other people, how much more excited should we be about getting to know God. And if people would be so honored and so amazed by having someone famous want to know them, how much more should we rejoice in the fact that God wants us to get to know Him!

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