What’s my problem?

1.) What problem am I struggling with right now?

2.) How have I attempted to solve this problem so far?

3.) How would the world describe my problem? What words would they use to identify it? If I asked an unbelieving friend at work about the problem I am struggling with, how might he respond?

4.) How does the Bible identify my problem? What words does the Bible use to describe it? If I talked to a godly person who knows the Bible well, what might he say about the problem I am struggling with?

5.) How do I describe my problem? Does my description look more like the world’s or the Scriptures?

6.) How does the problem I am struggling with affect me? How does it affect my relationships?
How does it affect the way I think during the day? What impact does it make on my relationship with God?

7.) Are there any places in Scripture that talk about what causes the problem I am struggling with? How would the Bible answer the question: “Why do I do what I do?”

8.) What makes it difficult for me to deal with this problem?

Is it a lack of knowledge? How might I deal with that?
Is it a lack of desire? What can I do about that?
Are there “benefits” I get from not dealing with the problem? How might I handle that?
What are some idols I might have that are keeping me from really working on this problem?

9.) Why do I want to deal with the problem? What might be some wrong motivations I might have? Why might God want me to deal with the problem?

10.) Have I truly repented of the ways I have sinned in relation to this problem? Have I asked God for help in dealing with this problem? Do I have a strategy for responding to this problem? What specific steps am I going to take this week to grow in this particular area?

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