How am I talking?

The way we speak is important. So important that James says if we don’t control the way we speak our religion is worthless. Here are a couple questions I thought we might use to evaluate our speech, especially in the midst of conflict. Do you have any others?

1. Am I using my words to hurt others?

2. Am I speaking out of a desire to lift myself up?

3. Am I telling the truth out of love?

4. Am I exaggerating the other person’s faults to make a point?

5. Am I dealing with the problem or attacking the person?

6. Am I talking to the person with whom I am upset or am I talking to someone else
about the person with whom I am upset?

7. Am I using appropriate words? Is my language respectful or disrespectful?

8. Am I talking to understand or talking to make my point?

9. Would a godly Christian looking on say that my speech is helpful and gracious?

10. Am I being wise about the time in which I am talking to this other person? Is
this the best possible time to talk about this issue?

11. Am I talking like I am better than the other person?

12. Am I trying to get the attention on to me or on to Jesus?

13. Am I thinking about how I can help the other person grow? Is that reflected in
the way I am speaking to them?

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