What are you about? Seriously…

If you had to figure out what someone’s life-purpose was, but you weren’t allowed to ask them what it was directly – what kinds of things would you want to know about them?

What kinds of questions would you ask to help you figure it out?

Perhaps you’d start with time. What do you do with your free time? Maybe after that, you’d move on to money. How do you spend your money? What about talk…what do they talk about? Or how about, what do they get upset about?

We could go on and on…

What do they get excited about? What do they think about? What do they want? What do they wish for?

I’m just wondering, walk with me here, many of us know that our life-purpose is supposed to be the glory of God – when asked, we ‘ve got that answer down “to glorify God and enjoy Him forever” next question please; but if someone looked at our life, the way we spend our time, our money, what we talk about about, get upset about, would the way we live and what we confess match?

At all?

This is really kind of scary. I mean, which is a worse position to be in: to do wrong and know that what you are doing is wrong or to do wrong and actually think that what you are doing is right? They are both bad, but I say the second is worse because at least in the first case you have a chance to repent.

Yet I’m afraid that’s where many are at when it comes to the fundamental question of what they are about.

Can I just shout it out?

We’re not living for the glory of God simply because we say we’re living for the glory of God.

We’ve got to ask ourselves the tough questions.

At the end of a day – ask yourself what did you talk about? If you look back and you see that you spent most of the day complaining – what does that say about your life purpose? It tells you though you might say your purpose is the glory of God, that day at least it really was the comfort of you. And whenever got something in the way of that, you got upset.

How do we make decisions? Do we ever make a decision that is difficult on the basis of what the Word actually says? Do we even ask what the Word says when we go to make a decision? Do we ever go beyond I feel like this is what the Word might say – to actually having a verse that we’ve studied and can explain why we are making that decision on the basis of that verse?

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