I’m still kind of stunned.

I watched Grizzly Man on The Discovery Channel last night. If you haven’t seen it, I’m not recommending it, but its about this guy who spends thirteen years living up with Kodiak bears up in Alaska and eventually gets eaten by one.

It’s crazy.

He comes on screen and he actually, truly thinks he’s protecting the bears. He talks to them like they are his friends. He finds such joy in these bears, I mean, he expresses an almost embarrassing amount of delight in them. He makes sacrifices to be with them. Lives by himself, lives in a tent, poor as all get out.

And you know, I just went away thinking that’s such a picture of the way we as human beings are with our sinful lusts.

Our sinful lusts are like wild animals.

It is their nature to destroy.

Yet all too often we go around pretending like on our own, we are in charge. That we can play with them. We can be their friends. We call them by nice little names. We find joy in them. We make sacrifices for them.

And then, one day if we don’t wake up and repent and run, our sinful lusts come into our tent and eat us alive.

You can’t cuddle up with a Grizzly Bear and expect to last that long, and you can’t play with sinful lusts and think it’s all going to turn out well.

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