Be Amazed!

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen David Blaine.

He’s this street magician and he can do some things that will make your jaw drop. He’ll levitate. I remember seeing him bite a quarter in two, then blow on the quarter and have it instanteously restored. One time he burned this hole in his shirt, then had the guy watching look through it, and David had this tattoo or something of the guy’s girlfriend…who Blaine apparently had never met.

Anyway, my point doesn’t have to do with the magic as much as it has to do with the reactions. Usually people are quiet at first, then they start to become overwhelmed with emotion. Sometimes they’ll start to shake. Other times they’ll cry. If there are a group of guys there, they’ll hit each other and grunt or something like that. But whatever they do, they are always in awe.


I guess power. That he can do something that they can’t understand.

The thing is, what strikes me, and I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble, but David Blaine, he’s just pretending. I mean, he can’t really do all that stuff. He’s just good at getting you to think he is.

It’s just funny, sad really. That we react with such awe and amazement to someone who is just pretending to be powerful and so often show such little emotion or awe or amazement when considering the One person who really is.

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