2 thoughts on “Me Church

  1. Oh man…that was too funny! …yet sad, too…

    No, I don’t go to a “me Church”. In fact, I go to Juanita Community Church pastored by Bruce Ray. I believe Pastor Ray was an assistant to your dad a few years back. I get the email updates from your parents in South Africa…

    Small world…

  2. I want to post a follow up comment to my first, lest I appear to be arrogant and boastful.

    In some ways…yes, I do go to a “me church”. I’m a sinner worshiping God imperfectly with other sinners. There are times (many in fact) when I’m at church thinking more about me than Him.

    I would say that JCC is not quite as bad as the “me Church” video…I think that’s fair.

    Whew…I’m glad to have that off my chest.

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