Trust not in Electric Fences

9 Jul

Church today. 

Preached twice.  Thinking a little bit about faith and trusting God.  Here’s the question: do I trust God because of my circumstances or do I trust God? 


It’s dangerous here in South Africa.  Violent crime is the usual.  But I have felt fairly safe.  Why?  One reason is because my parents have an incredible alarm system, high walls, an electric fence, and there’s someone from the church living in the flat attached to the house.

Is it wrong for me to be glad about those securities, to even receive a sense of comfort from them?  Personally, I don’t think so.  But here’s the danger.  Trusting in the fence, wall, person from the church instead of God Himself.  I think that’s one reason the Bible says trials are such a great test.  Because it is easy for us when things are going well to thinking we are trusting God when in reality what we are trusting in is our circumstances.  Then God changes our circumstances, and the place our faith is really resting is revealed.

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