The Trinity is Practical

7 Sep

I don’t know how deeply you have thought about the relationships within the Trinity. 

If some of you are like me, doctrines that are more abstract like the Trinity, they tend to lose us.  We like practical subject and you know, I’ve got to admit the relationship between the members of the Trinity hasn’t always been on my top ten list of most practical things to think about.

I’m realizing this week, it should have been. 

I’ll give you one example.  The submission of the Son to the Father.  The Bible makes it clear that the Son submits to His Father, not only, I’d argue in his incarnation, but eternally.  The Spirit too, and reading John 16 it seems that He submits to the Son as well.

Anyway, how cool is this.  God the Son is every much as much God as God the Father.  That means He is every much as important and worthy and glorious and important as God the Father.  And so is God the Spirit by the way.  Yet, they aren’t always striving to be Supreme. 

God the Son is totally willing and happy to submit to God the Father.

Which practically, challenges me in terms of my relationships with other leaders.  If God the Son is willing to happily submit to God the Father,

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