Trusting God more than Our Plans

We’re kind of in the middle of a transition at our church. With us moving to Africa, we’re looking for a new pastor, and the truth is I think the whole thing is a little scary for everbody.

I was thinking today though about what it must have felt like for Jesus’ disciples when he said it was time for him to go.

Talk about frightening. It wasn’t like they really had it all together…at all. Pretty disorganized group actually. It’s evident from the gospels that they were having a hard time understanding Jesus’ main message. They kept fighting each other over who was most important. And you know what, there weren’t even that many of them.

What was it? About one hundred and twenty of them in the room there in Acts one.

All I’m saying is that from a human perspective, it didn’t look like quite the right time for Jesus to go and yet the thing is God used those men and women to absolutely one hundred percent change the world. I’m not making a case for being disorganized or careless or anything like that. I do wonder though if one of the main things God wants for us is to really get down on our knees and rely on Him. To trust in Him more than our plans and our procedures. I wonder if because He really loves us He’s going to do whatever it takes to bring us to our knees so that we can fully depend on Him.

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