Am I Greedy?

Greed is a blinding sin, which means the greedy person often doesn’t even know he is greedy.

Richard Baxter gives a number of tests to help evaluate whether or not you are greedy. I’ll paraphrase:

1. You do not desire God more than you do prosperity. You think more about getting ahead financially than you do getting ahead spiritually. (Rom. 13:14; Matt. 6:19; 1 Tim. 3:8; Phil 3:19; Ezek. 33:31; Jer. 9:23.)

2. You make friends because of what they can do for you financially. You are not nearly as concerned about making friends who will help you move forward spiritually.

3. You want more than you need to do what God commands.

4. You are more excited about obtaining material possessions than you are growing in godliness.

5. You worry about your financial condition.

6. You are often discontent with what you have. You compare yourself with others and are upset that you have less than they do. You think you would be happier if you were in their financial position.

7. You dislike the thought of being poor more than you do the thought of sinning.

8. You talk more about material things than you do the things of God.

9. You often find yourself saying you would spend more time with God or you would do more for the kingdom of God if only you didn’t have to work so much.

10. You are willing to compromise to get ahead financially.

11. You become very impatient and upset if you get a bad deal.

12. When you are willing to break fellowship with a brother in Christ because of some material matter. When you are willing by lawsuits to seek your right, when greater hurt is more likely to follow to your brother’s soul, or greater wrong to the cause of religion, or the honour of God, than your right is worth.

13. When in you are in a bad situation you find more hope in your bank account or your ability to make money than you do in the care of God.

14. You give thanks for God most often for what he has done for your financially than you do for what he has done for you spiritually.

15. If you are satisfied when you are prospering financially but not spiritually.

16. If you think the best thing you can give your children are things.

17. If you can see someone in need, have the ability to help them, and shut up your heart because you are not willing to sacrifice. (1 Tim. 6:17,18; Mal. 3:8, 9; Judges. 7:21.)

18. If you are always expecting generosity from others, and think everybody should give you the best deal even if they can’t afford it, so long as you are happy.

19. If you really believe that you are important because you are rich. When you look down on others because they do not have as much as you do.

20. If you are not willing to live in a less comfortable financial position for the glory of God.

21. If you are not willing to give anything you need for the kingdom of God. When you are quicker to use the money you have to buy something new for you and for your family than you are to give to those in need or to support the work of Christ.

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