Think about it…

“You will always give effortlessly to that which is your salvation, to those things that give your life meaning.  If Jesus is the One who saved you, your money flows out easily into His work, His people, His causes.  If, however, your real religion is your appearance, your social status, or your pleasure, your money flows most easily into those items and symbols. Radical generosity is therefore an inevitable sign of real grace in the heart.

Tim Keller

One thought on “Think about it…

  1. I was watching fox news the other day & saw this book: Who Really Cares: The Surprising Truth about Compassionate Conservatism, ISBN 0465008216.

    The author, a university professor, makes the assertion that christian conservatives are the most charitable. In an interview, he asserted that people should plan giving, not only for societal good, but for the individual’s good as well.

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