Reasons to be Patient

1. God is using this moment for my good.

2. God has shown me many times before that what I think is best for me right now isn’t always what is really the best.

3. God knows me completely. He knows what I need better than I do. He has designed this moment to help me become who He wants me to be.

4. God loves me and does not delight in my pain. He never just messes with me for the sake of messing with me.

5. God puts up with so much from the entire world every day. He has billions of people ignore Him everyday. He has billions of people say awful things about Him every day. And yet He continues to be patient with them, that some might come to repentance.

6. God puts up with so much from Christians every day. He demonstrates His love for us in the biggest way possible. He stoops down to actually be interested in our lives. He is actively working for us. And yet we can barely pray to Him. His Word often bores us. We are afraid sometimes to speak of Him to others. We love money more than Him.

7. God puts up with so much from me every day. If I look at what God’s revealed will is for my day and then at the way I actually live many days, the two are sometimes far apart. And yet God forgives. And yet God keeps using me. And yet God keeps loving me.

8. I am not nearly as important to the great scheme of things as I like to think I am. Even if I don’t get accomplished what I want to get accomplished, guess what, God’s still going to get His work done just fine.

9 . God’s probably a whole lot more concerned about the good of the person I am relating to and my own spiritual growth than whatever task I wanted to get accomplished anyway.

10.  Even when I think I am not getting anything done, God is getting exactly what He wanted done with that moment. And I have a funny feeling that what God wanted to get done is more important than anything I did in the first place.

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