The Sin of Unbelief

17 Jan

I have lots of nice names for unbelief.

I am actually pretty good at rationalizing away failing to believe and trust that God is actively seeking my good.

The Bible though, its name for unbelief isn’t quite as nice.  It calls it sin.

“Whatever is not from faith is sin…”

To quote Spurgeon,  “Is not a sin for a creature to doubt the word of its Maker?  Is it not a crime and an insult to the Divinity, for me, an atom, a particle of dust, to dare to deny his words?  Is it not the very summit of arrogance and extremity of pride for a son of Adam to say, even in his heart, ‘God I doubt thy grace, God I doubt thy love; God I doubt thy power?” Oh, sirs, believe me, could you roll all sins into one mass – could you take murder, and blasphemy, and lust, adultery, and fornication, and everything that is vile, and unite them all into one vast globe of black corruption, even then they would not equal the sin of unbelief.”

That’s powerful stuff.  When I feel like God is probably not all that concerned about me, or like I am too unimportant and sinful for God to really delight in, I usually think of that almost as a kind of humility.

It is not.

It is not a virtue to go around doubting God’s promises of forgiveness and grace to those who put their faith in Christ.  It is sin.  It is serious sin.

Spurgeon shows just how serious.

He magnifies the sin of unbelief in four ways.  He says,

1.) Unbelief is a serious sin because it is the parent of every other iniquity.

2.) It makes it easier to sin.

3.) It disables a man for the performance of any good work.

4.) And throughout Scripture, unbelief has been severely punished.

I am sure you have other reasons unbelief is a serious sin but I guess my question is, are you warring against it?  Are you praying and working hard at building your faith, at really believing that God is for you because of Jesus Christ?

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