Answers to Prayer…

God obviously doesn’t need us to pray. He’s not up in heaven wondering what is going on with our lives. It’s not like when we pray, suddenly He says, wow, I didn’t know that you were in need.

In calling us to pray, this command, it’s intended to bless us. It’s like when we pay God the honor He’s due by praying to Him, He repays us right back. The payment is a blessing. Anyway, one of the reasons it is so good to pray is that it demonstrates to you God’s active involvement in your life. I mean, if He didn’t have us pray we might easily forget that He’s at work in our lives. We might not realize all that He’s doing for us. When we pray and He answers, it is like real obvious, God hears my prayers.

Yesterday, we were at church and I asked for prayer about our trip to California, that we would be able to visit some churches to let them know about the ministry in South Africa and I get home, and that afternoon, two phone calls and two e-mails about sharing the ministry in different churches. That’s awesome stuff. We serve a God who is involved in our lives.

This morning I got an e-mail. We were told recently that the city council was going to make us re-zone the land that has been donated for orphans, and it was going to cost something like 70,000 dollars. It was so good though, nobody freaked out. We started praying. And you know what, today, that e-mail, the city council decided it wasn’t a problem and we weren’t going to have to make the payment at all.

God is good. It’s not that He gives us everything we want when we want. It’s better. It’s the way He goes about blessing us. He does it in a way that teaches us to rely on Him and gives us the joy of being able to thank Him for how He’s provided.

3 thoughts on “Answers to Prayer…

  1. I am the Lord your God,
    Who brought you out of the land of Egypt;
    Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it.
    (Ps 81:10)

  2. What a great article Steve! Thanks man. I loved it. Perspective is everything. I hope others read it as well. Good stuff.

    So true Jack! We do serve a good God! He loves to take care of us and meet our needs.

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