Jesus according to Mark

15 Feb

I thought I could worship a little this morning by walking through Mark and jot down just some initial basic thoughts that stand out at least to me about who he tells us Jesus is. I only got through chapter one and found all sorts of reasons to get on my knees and praise.

He is:

1. The center of the gospel. Mark 1:1
2. The Son of God. Mark 1:1
3. The Messiah. Mark 1:1
4. Lord. Mark 1:3
5. The point of John the Baptist’s ministry. Mark 1:2-8
6. Mightier than John the Baptist. Mark 1:7
7. So important John the Baptist didn’t feel worthy to untie His shoe. Mark 1:7
8. The one who baptized with the Holy Spirit. Mark 1:8
9. The Beloved Son of God. Mark 1:11
10. God is well pleased with Him. Mark 1:11
11. Controlled by the Spirit. Mark 1:12
12. Hated by Satan. Mark 1:13
13. Served by the angels. Mark 1:13
14. Preacher of the gospel. Mark 1:14
15. The fulfillment of all that God has been doing in the world. Mark 1:15
16. Able to command people to change their lives with authority. Mark 1:15
17. The gospel that Mark says is his in 1:1 is also the gospel that he says is God’s in Mark 1:15.
18. Chooses men to follow Him. 1:17
19. Able to command men to leave their occupations and follow Him. 1:17
20. Able to transform men from fishermen to fishers of men. 1:17
21. Willing to associate intimately with regular people. 1:17
22. An amazing teacher. 1:22
23. Taught with an authority greater than that of the greatest authorities in Israel at the time. 1:22
24. Acclaimed as the Holy One of God by demons. 1:24
25. Able to rebuke demons with mere words and have them listen and obey. 1:27
26. Famous in Galilee for a time. 1:28
27. Willing to listen to pleas for help. 1:30
28. Able to heal fevers with the touch of his hand. 1:31
29. Able to heal all kinds of different sicknesses and cast out all sorts of different demons. 1:32
30. Willing to serve demanding crowds. 1:32-33
31. Didn’t allow demons to tell people who He was. 1:34
32. After a long night of service, went out in the early morning to pray. 1:35
33. Unwilling to capitalize on his fame for material prosperity or temporary glory. 1:38
34. Clearly aware of His purpose. 1:38
35. States that He came to preach. 1:38
36. Reacts differently to the unclean in Jewish society than typical rabbis. When a leper comes to him he doesn’t run away, throw stones, but allows him to approach him and even touches him. 1:41
37. Able to heal leprosy with a touch. 1:41
38. Willing to heal lepers. 1:41
39. Moved with compassion for those who are hurting. 1:41
40. Obedient to the law. 1:44
41. The authority over demons, sickness, and even uncleanness. 1:21-45
42. Assuming he knew the leper wasn’t going to listen to him, willing to heal people who would make things more difficult for him. 1:45

One Response to “Jesus according to Mark”

  1. jack February 15, 2007 at 6:02 pm #

    WOW! That’s quite a list!! Thanks for the reminder that Jesus, as the crowd will recognize in ch.7,v37, “does all things well”.
    And this is just chapter 1!!! He’s still 14 chapters (and several years) away from accomplishing his greatest feat!!

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