For Prayer From Dad

“Please be in prayer about a couple of things that are mentioned in this note and also for our Shepherd’s conferences which are coming up at the end of May and the beginning of June.

On Thursday of this week Joel James will have the opportunity to do a program on Radio Pulpit. On that same day I will do several programs that will be broadcast over the next few weeks. The person at Radio Pulpit seems really excited about us doing these programs. Because of their interest in having us do these programs, Joel made some suggestions and the following letter is the result of that suggestion. (These were his ideas and not mine.)

Please pray for this potential opportunity in that what I’m suggesting in the letter could be a powerful opening for the Gospel in South Africa and beyond. As you know, Radio Pulpit is a main radio outlet through which John MacArthur has made an impact on South Africa. And, to this point, they are asking us to do this and it is not costing us a cent. Now here’s the letter.

Dear Soekie,

Just an inquiry for you to think about prior to our recording sessions on Thursday. Over the years, it has been my privilege to write more than 20 books on various Christian Life Issues and Christian counseling issues. You’ll find them listed on our web site and they will soon be listed on another web site that an agent is developing for us in South Africa. Right now the South African web site is listed as but it will be Strengthening Ministries in the future.

Anyway, our most recent book is entitled Sweethearts for a Lifetime with the subtitle Making the Most of Your Marriage. My wife wrote the section for women and I wrote most of the rest of the book with one of our sons giving some input for the men’s section. Someone suggested that you might be interested in interviewing Carol and myself about the book and talking about some of the principles for making the most of your marriage.

Also, the idea was suggested to me that Radio pulpit might be interested in having me do a series of short ten minute sessions dealing with some very practical issues such as Overcoming Fear; Dealing with Depression; Overcoming Stress; Dealing with Anger, Worry, Burn Out; Discontentment; etc. This could be done in a monologue fashion or an interview fashion with me supplying the questions and you asking me the questions on various topics. For several years in the USA I did a television talk program called God’s Solutions to Life’s Problems. We would choose a theme and then begin the program by discussing the issue with a moderator who asked questions and then after we did that we would open the phone lines for people who would call in to ask questions on the theme of the day. With some subjects we would continue the same theme for several programs.

Our son Joshua who has been a pastor for a number of years and has a Master’s degree in Biblical counseling, a Master of Divinity in Biblical and Theological Studies and is now completing his doctorate will be moving here in June and Joel James who has an MDiv and is completing his doctorate could also assist in these practical programs. Both of these men have done extensive studies in Christian life related issues and have years of experience in counseling. My son, for example, has taught in our graduate program for training biblical counselors on the subject of Youth Counseling. He has worked effectively with Varsity students as well as high school students for years. Our son and his wife are burdened for orphans and have done extensive biblical research in this area. Our daughter who has a Master’s degree in Biblical Counseling works in an AID’s Ministry in Primrose as well as being Director of Women’s Ministries at Grace Christian Church and has been doing work with children and adults in a very large settlement called Katlahong. She has great insights about ministering to and helping people and children in these difficult situations. She and my wife speak to women’s groups in various churches about women’s issues.

Anyway, just some ideas that have been suggested to me as possibilities and I thought I’d run them by you for your consideration. I will be in the USA teaching from June through September, but I would be willing to consider doing something along the lines I’ve mentioned after my return. If none of this resonates with you, that’s fine. But I thought I’d just run these ideas by you ahead of our recording session on Thursday.


Rejoicing in the Lord and His marvelous goodness and grace,

Wayne Mack”

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