Depravity on Display

I was reading an article in Newsweek or Time or some magazine like that the other day where the author was trying awfully hard to show why he doesn’t think humans are all that unique.

He went about doing it by talking about rats.  Apparently someone’s being done some experiments with rats where they shock them or something when they make a certain decision and they don’t shock them when they make the other decision and it seems like after a while the rats actually stop and “think” before they choose what to do when they are forced to make a decision about which way to go.

I am not a scientist obviously but you get the gist. 

And it seems the author was trying to say that somehow this shows humans aren’t the only one’s who self-reflect.  Like silly old fashioned people in the past used to think that we were different than the animals because we think and because we reflect on our actions but now we are so advanced and we know because we look at rats and sometimes when they get zapped enough they learn not to go that direction anymore that really this whole idea of a soul and humans being unique is so obviously outdated.

I was just reflecting you know on how sin so messes with people’s minds that they get to the point where they can look at a rat which is so obviously different than us, I mean if anyone told me they thought they were just like a rat, and they can look at this rat, and they want to, they actually are trying to find ways to say that we are not different than rats.  (I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but I have never seen a rat sitting around writing an article on how they are so like humans. And there’s a reason all those movies with animals talking and singing and dancing and writing poetery, there not documentaries.  They are made by Disney.)

I am not trying to be mean but it does remind me of how salvation is such a supernatural thing – no matter how nice and kind people are – their minds, they want to actively suppress the truth.  They look at something that is shouting out God – like the difference between human beings and every other creature – and they put their fingers in their ears and start saying things that they themselves have to know do not make sense. 


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