The Atheist’s Fight against Himself

I don’t believe in aliens but I have never really felt any desire to try to prove to other people that they don’t exist.

It is funny to me the passion that many of those who say they do not believe in God have for trying to prove to other people that they don’t really believe in God. Actually it is really, really sad. Because in their so-called fight against the deity they are actually working hard at denying their humanity.

There is a reason wherever you go in this world you find people believing in God. It has to do with the fact that believing in God is part of being human. It is actually something that God himself has instilled deep within the heart of every human being, so deeply that the only way to deny the reality of God is to actively seek to suppress the truth that is screaming out at you everywhere you look.

I guess this is part of why I don’t feel the need to get that concerned when you hear of these books denying the existence of God or calling for the end of religion. I mean, I don’t get concerned in the sense that I actually think they are going to work. People have tried before. But humans will be humans no matter how passionately you plead with them to stop.

I know there are some who get pretty worked up and want to try to find ways to prove that there is a God but I am not sure that ultimately that is the right approach. I suppose you can spend some time trying to prove that believing in God is reasonable. I know I find encouragement in some of the arguments. But it is not really about the need for more proof.

I think one of the illustrations of that is in one of the most basic arguments people make against the reality of God. They say they have a hard time believing in something they can’t see.

And you know at first that sounds kind of hard to respond to because it is not like I can pull back a curtain and whazoo there He is, but if you stop and think about it a little, it really is one of those strange things for people to say because there are so many other things people have the easiest time believing in that they can’t see.

It is not like God is the only thing.

There are so many countries in this world that I have never seen and yet I believe they are real countries in part because so many other people have told me about them. I never saw George Washington but I believe in George Washington in part because of what I have read other people write about him.

You can say those things are different all you want but I don’t really think they are all that different at all. Actually, I think what you might say of those things is even more true when it comes to God. I mean, part of the reason I believe so passionately in God is because of the fact that even though I haven’t seen Him face to face myself, others have. I have no problem appealing to their authority because I know something about the people who have told me about him and from what I know of their lives, I believe they are worthy of my trust.

Not to mention the fact, I look around the world and there are so many proofs of God shouting out at me everywhere I go. In fact, what is more those proofs of his existence are so persuasive and so powerful that the only way I can deny them as proofs of God is for me to start believing other things that are more far-fetched on the basis of the authority of men whom I do not really trust or respect, things in the end that if I really believed would have me denying my own humanity. (i.e. that would have me spending my life trying to prove I was related to a monkey or that I am not all that different from a rat or that my life doesn’t really matter in the long run.)

3 thoughts on “The Atheist’s Fight against Himself

  1. Why can’t all of God’s creatures be equal? Why does a human being have to be better than a monkey or a rat? Isn’t that a narcissistic view on your part? I suppose you also believe that only human beings, not “animals” go to heaven, right? After all, when a monkey dies, “it’s just a monkey”, and when a rat dies, “it’s just a rat”. Right? But when a human being dies, well, that’s a whole different ball game, because after all, a human being would have to be a lot more important in God’s eyes than a “simple animal”. Right? Or, is it possible that God views all of his creations as being equal? Naaaaaaaah, that can’t be it. 🙂

    “Food For Thought”

  2. I wonder if O.V. is a vegetarian and, if not, whether he considers cannabilism an appropriate dietry supplement… Of course humans are more valuable than animals – even the most secular utilitarian can see that a cow is more useful than a slug and so on. That’s not to say that slugs are not marvels of God’s creations but we need not make everything equal to assert everything’s preciousness.

    Interesting proof that animals have no souls is in Job when God promises Job double what he had before and he gets back twice as many animals as he had before but the same number of children. Think about it…

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