A Prayer Hearing God…

I am on my knees this morning, praying and thinking about how impossible this whole thing is. 

I mean, we are here, the needs are there, it is happening, but really this is huge, how exactly do we begin?  And so I start meditating on the fact that God is in heaven, on His throne, that He can do and will do exactly what He wants to do, and I just am asking God to do what I obviously cannot. 

Then the phone rings.

And it is one of my friends who is working on this whole project with me and he says he just received an e-mail from a local seminary, a really good seminary that trains native pastors, and they just had a couple come to them who were really interested in serving as houseparents. 

This is all at the beginning and so we have got to do interviewing and all that, but for a little background, you need to understand that whenever we talk about looking for houseparents – parents – being the key word, people from South Africa almost always talk about how hard it is going to be to find them.  And you know, this is something that we began looking into many months ago – and out of the blue when we get here – we get a call.

Cool stuff.

It is so amazing.  We have been here a week, mostly scratching our heads and thinking about how to go about all this, and already God’s given us land, He’s pointed us to possibly 50 orphans who are right now in need of help, He’s given us a church that is eager to do this kind of work, and He’s raised up godly South African men who are gifted with administrative skills to help in the endeavor, and now – we’ll see of course – but it seems He is perhaps directing us to a godly couple to help fill the houseparent role.   

*I just got this call so obviously all this is subject to change, but would you please pray? I put it up here right away not because I think it necessarily it all is going to work out exactly how I think it will right now, but more as a reminder that prayer matters.  God does hear.  God does answer.  God is active.  Praise Him!

2 thoughts on “A Prayer Hearing God…

  1. Sounds great! It continues to amaze me that God does His work so well and also that when we live trying to do our best through Him, He uses us to accomplish cool stuff.
    You and yours have our continued prayers. Try to remember us occasionally in your prayers; God knows the needs.
    Carol S.

  2. Great to hear from you. It is good to serve a God who is willing to use weak people, isn’t it! Thanks for your prayers. We definitely need it! We will be praying for you guys as well. Tell the family we said hello.

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