Little Update…

I am stealing my wife’s emails but she’s so much better with the details…

“We are doing very well!

We are quite past our little robbery experience and the girls are amazing and it is as if it never happened. We are slowly but surely getting settled into our new home here and the girls have been busy helping me paint their rooms. McKenna and Cambria start school on Monday and are so very very excited about that. Caitlyn has been asking me everyday to teach her how to read – so, when big sisters head off to school Caitlyn and I will do a little fun school here. I am so thankful for the schedule – they are only at school in the mornings and then home!!!

We feel like all of the getting settled details and learning how things work here has been such a job and that things are taking sooo much longer to do here – but then Josh and I were just saying that we have only been here a month and we really have gotten a lot done and have even been able to visit 2 orphanages and Josh has had the opportunity to visit with a couple of pastors in the townships – so we are thankful for what has happened already.

Two weekends ago Josh spoke at a family camp and the church it was with brought about 30 orphans from their orphanage and the girls had so much fun playing for hours and hours sliding down a hill on cardboard boxes with them all.

Reality that these little ones are all dying of AIDS is so much greater when you get to meet them and know them and play with them. I was tucking McKenna into bed one night after being with the kids. She had played with a little girl who had to take many breaks to have oxygen and is not going to live to see 6years old. McKenna wanted to know if it was going to hurt her when she died and I told her that they have medicine that will help her not hurt at all and she will just go to sleep. McKenna then said “then she will wake up in heaven?” It was amazing, out of all of the children there I would have to say that this one girl was the most joyful and happy little girl and would hop up on your lap with lots and lots of questions.

We also went to visit an orphanage with babies and the girls were thrilled to hold some!! There were 2 year old twin girls and their baby brother (7 months) who had just arrived 4 days before we visited and the ladies there said the girls had not spoken or smiled since they arrived. OH HOW WE WANTED TO TAKE THEM HOME!!! Their mom died of AIDS a few months ago and they were just taken out of a terrible foster home. Josh and I are going to meet with the director of that orphanage, Lord willing, on Monday – to see what we need to do to start having children in our home.

A lot of children that need a lot of love – and we figured the Lord gave us all girls for a reason – they are soooo incredibly maternal!!!!”

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