One of the most important things you can do today is enjoy the comforts that God has provided through the gospel.  This is one of the primary ways you can glorify God.  Not to mention the fact that when you are enjoying the comforts of the gospel it produces all sorts of practical benefits in your own life.

God wants this for you.

He wants every single person who is a believer to enjoy the deep and abiding blessings that flow out of the gospel.  The promises aren’t only meant for reading.  He wants us to find great consolation in them.

John Owen puts it like this,

“The securing of the spiritual comforts of believers in this life is a matter of the highest importance unto the glory of God and their own advantage by the gospel.  For God is abundantly willing that all the heirs of promise should receive strong consolation and he has provided ways and means for the communication of it to them; and their participation of it is their principal interest in this world and is so esteemed by them.”

Obviously though in the day to day realities of life these comforts and joys often seem far from us.  We have a great amount of pressure and we often don’t really enjoy the gospel privileges that we have been given.

What should we do?  How can we actively pursue the comfort God intends for us?

John Owen suggests,   

“Now the root whereon all real comforts do grow, whence they spring and arise is true and saving faith.”

The question then of course is what does that mean specifically in real life?

What is saving faith?

He answers,

“The principal genuine acting of saving faith in us…consists of choosing, embracing…God’s way of saving sinners, by the mediation of Jesus Christ, relying thereon, with a renunciation of all other ways and means pretending unto the same end of salvation.”

If we are going to enjoy the promises of the gospel today we are going to have to say no to finding our identity and approval in anything other than Jesus Christ.  We are going to have to choose and embrace the fact that Jesus has provided all the righteousness we need.  We are going to have to cherish the fact that right now we are in Christ if we are Christians, that we have been set apart by God for God, that we have been declared right by God, that we have been cleansed and forgiven of all our sins because of what Jesus Christ has done.

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