A Lecture for Little Faith part three

It is not that you just don’t glorify God when you fail to trust Him.

You hurt yourself.

Take anxiety.

A lack of trust is the source of so much unnecessary anxiety.

I know that because Jesus says to his disciples, “Do not let your hearts be troubled, believe in God, believe also in Me” in John 14:1 and in Mark 4:4o he says, “Why are you so afraid? Have you still no faith?”

A lack of trust hurts you because it creates all this unnecessary trouble in your hearts.

You’ve got God who has committed to providing for you financially if you just seek first His kingdom but you are just always stressing out about money.

You’ve got God who promises to forgive if you will repent of your sins He’ll forgive you but you are always worrying about whether or not He really will.

You’ve got God who says if you put your faith in Jesus Christ you are His adopted child and He is for you and you are going around wondering all the time about if He really does care for you.

You’ve got heaven, this inheritance which God says He is protecting you for through faith, this thing that is so sure and certain for you but you are never sure or certain about it.

The thing with the person who is having a hard time trusting God is that no matter what situation you see him in he is pretty much always the same.

You see him when he is doing well and he is worried that things could go bad pretty soon.

You see him when he is doing poorly and he is thinking God has forgotten about him.

No matter what God brings into his life, the person who doesn’t trust God is able to take it and turn it into something that causes him sorrow and anxiety.

I think you have probably seen this with children. You give them a good gift and they can find a way to complain about it. That’s the way it is with a lack of trust.

A lack of faith it makes your life into one long Alaskan winter, long nights and short days. Mostly miserable.

And the sad thing with people like that, they usually think it is their circumstances making them miserable when really it is their failure to trust God that is hurting them so much.

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