There are so many horrible things happening in the world at this very moment.

And very little outrage.

I wonder if one of the reasons there is less and less outrage over the grave injustices that we see all around us is because we are losing our sense of God’s outrage over these injustices. I was reading through the Psalms this morning reflecting on how the picture the Psalmist paints of God is very different than the idea we sometimes have of Him.

Consider these random outtakes:

He blows the wicked away like chaff.

He shatters the wicked like earthenware.

He is sharpening His sword and bending His bow to send the arrows of His wrath directly towards those who are rebelling against Him.

He will rain coals of fire upon the wicked.

He will make them as a fiery oven and swallow them up.

He tears the wicked down.

He laughs at the plans of the wicked.

He will tear them into pieces.

The righteous will wash their feet in the blood of the wicked.

He will sweep the wicked away in a whirlwind.

The wicked will perish before God like wax in a fire.

He sets the wicked in slipepry places. He will destroy them in a moment. He will sweep them away with sudden terrors.

He is mixing His wrath in a cup which He will force the wicked to drink down to its very last drop.

And those are just a few of the images throughout the Psalms. They are intense. They are graphic. And they are right. God’s wrath against sin is holy. It is just. It is not too much. And it is not too little. It is exactly one hundred percent what it should be.

Evil is evil.

God is not a stoic.

He is outraged at the acts of the wicked. And while we certainly absolutely no question about it must leave the judgment to Him, we should be outraged by evil as well.

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