Tiny little update…

God has been so good to us.

Things have been going so well with Moozie and Zanel we are starting to work on seeing if we can bring a couple more children into our home. We talked to our daughters about it the other day and they couldn’t wait.

So Marda called up a local Christian foster care agency today and asked if they might need some help and the lady whooped for joy.

I know, it is not easy to whoop but apparently she did.

She told Marda that they have forty seven homes right now with children and those forty seven homes are full and because of that she had to turn away fifteen children who needed help during this month alone! And get this, she only works with girls. The needs are immense.

I am beginning a series in Sunday School on mercy ministry at the church in two weeks and I am hoping to really challenge couples within the church to step up to meet some of the needs.

Please pray!

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