One thought on “Adoption is theological

  1. Excerpt of article from Modern Reformation Magazine by Justin Taylor…

    Grace, Race, and Families
    The Gospel and Transracial Adoption
    Justin Taylor At the end of the day, welcoming and encouraging adoption is not about making a social statement or engineering diversity. It is about the body of Christ awakening to the indicatives of the gospel and seeing its implications.Since my wife and I have adopted two children, we have received a number of puzzled looks and interesting comments, especially from those of other cultures. We once gave a Somali woman a ride to the store, and when she found out our little infant girl was adopted, her only question was, “How much you pay for that baby?!” When talking with our neighbors from India about adoption, the husband, with a glance down at our young kids, whispered to us, “Don’t ever tell them they’re adopted. It’s better that way.” (I never did ask if he thinks someone might someday slip and “break the news” to our son, who is full African American!) Another time we were in the checkout line at WalMart, and it was quickly evident that our black-and-white family created a serious category confusion for our Muslim clerk. Her head swiveled back and forth between me and my son as if she were watching a tennis match at Wimbledon!

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