Calvary Love

My wife got this from my aunt as an encouragement while I have to travel back to the United States this week. It was so good, I just had to post it.

“Amy Carmichael was born on December 16, 1867 in Ireland to Christian parents and grew up in the Presbyterian Church. She was exposed to Wesleyan Methodism in the boarding school she attended she felt that she was drawn into Jesus’ fold at the age of fifteen. She became active in evangelism and children’s work in Ireland but felt the call of missions to foreign fields. Her singleness of heart led her to missionary work in Japan, China, Ceylon and finally India. She never dreamed that after the excitement of evangelistic work the Lord would give her a large family of babies who needed her care. One by one babies who would have been used in the temple for idol worship were brought to her.

This is a quote from Elizabeth Elliot’s book, A CHANCE TO DIE:

By June the Family had grown to include seventeen children, six of whom were direct answers to the prayer of so many years—they were temple children. The women of the Band were learning that if the Lord of Glory took a towel and knelt on the floor to wash the dusty feet of His disciples (the job of the lowest slave in an Eastern household), then no work, even the relentless and often messy routine of caring for squalling babies, is demeaning. To offer it up to the Lord of Glory transforms it into a holy task. “Could it be right,” Amy had asked, “to turn from so much that might be of profit and become just nursemaids?” The answer was yes. It is not the business of the servant to decide which work is great, which is small, which important or unimportant—he is not greater than his master.

“If by doing some work which the undiscerning consider ‘not spiritual work’ I can best help others, and I inwardly rebel, thinking it is the spiritual for which I crave, when in truth it is the interesting and exciting, then I know nothing of Calvary love,” Amy wrote after may years of such “unspiritual” work. (Pages 182, 183)

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