Just thinking…

Is anybody else tired of religion?

I don’t mean religion in the good sense of the word obviously, but religion in the use it to make ourselves look good and feel better than other people kind of way. I mean religion instead of the gospel kind of way, the religious do your duty to earn God’s favor instead of the gospel you have God’s favor because of Christ so you live your life all out for him through his power and strength.

It’s such a joke, you know.

Not really I guess, it is actually pretty sad.

I was thinking the other day how upset people get about things in the church that basically don’t matter hardly at all to God. People get upset about not having certain activities or using certain hymnbooks or the preacher preaches the Word but doesn’t preach exactly they like or this or that and like, I just want to know who is upset that people aren’t sharing the gospel? Who is upset that people are slandering other people? Who is upset that people aren’t laying their lives on the line for the good of other people? Who is upset that people are worshiping this nice little American life instead of Jesus Christ?

Man, you’ve got to be so bold when it comes to grace.

That’s what I didn’t get when I first became a pastor. I believed grace, I loved it, but I didn’t you had to be so bold about it. If a pornographer came into church, I’ll tell you I would have stood up against that in a second. But I didn’t realize that you really have to do the same when it comes to legalists. They are out there. Lurking. And look, they are in here. Like, in my heart. But I am talking unrepentant self-righteous people.

Paul says in Colossians 2:15, Let no one judge you in regards to…

It’s not just that we have a responsibility to not be legalistic and self-righteous, what I think is so interesting about that verse is that we have a responsibility to not let people enforce their legalism on us.

Now, I am not sure what that all looks like. But I know if you have tasted grace you love it and you don’t want anyone to steal it from your heart. If you love the gospel, you hate that self righteous religiousity that might look somewhat spiritual but leads you away from your God.

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