1 Peter 1:3-5 Thought Questions

1.            How do people often feel about God after they suffer for doing right? What are some typical kinds of things they might say?

2.            What is Peter’s attitude towards God as he begins this letter?  How do   you know that? 

3.            What reasons do we discover in verses 3-5 that Peter is excited about God in the middle of his suffering?  If you had to express the main point of these verses in one sentence, how would you put it?

4.            What does it mean to be born again?  Finish this sentence, the fact that I am born again means ___________.  What are some of the benefits of being born again?  How did the new birth happen according to Peter?  How is this different than the way people sometimes think of their salvation?  What is the reason God has caused you to be born again?  The basis?  How does knowing that produce a certainty about God’s commitment to your future good?

5.            Explain the following statement:  When people take credit away from God and give even a little of it to people they are subtly attacking their own hopes for the future.

6.            What is an inheritance?  What kind of inheritance do we have as believers?  How is it different than an earthly inheritance?  Can you think of any earthly illustrations of how someone knowing they are going to receive something in the future changes a person’s attitude towards the present?  If you know you are going to receive something in the future and it doesn’t change your attitude towards the present, what does that say about how you feel about what you are going to receive in the future? 

8.            What assurance does verse 4 give us as to the certainty of our future salvation?

9.            According to verse 5, what assurance do we have that we are going to actually make it spiritually until we receive our inheritance? 

10.            What does the fact that God Himself is actively guarding you until you receive your future salvation tell you about how committed He is to your future good? 

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