“We seem to put social justice at odds with gospel proclamation. Many today don’t think these can easily coexist. They think that to fight for justice as the Christian church inevitably means the abandonment of the gospel. They may be correct. For since the Civil Rights Movement, the gospel has been thoroughly confused by too many in the African American church with liberation and justice itself.

But even if that caution is correct, to preach the gospel and have no concern and take no action in the cause of justice is as much an abandonment of the gospel as mistaken the gospel. How can a faithful gospel preacher preach the gospel before slaves and never wince at the gross barbarity of that peculiar institution? How can a man claim to live the gospel with fellow brothers in Christ and yet uphold laws that disenfranchise, marginalize, and oppress those same brothers? They may have gospel doctrine down pat, but they don’t have gospel living at all! Having a form of godliness, they deny the power thereof.”¬†

Thabiti Anyabwile

You can read more at his blog, http://www.purechurch.blogspot.com

3 thoughts on “Quotable

  1. Josh,
    I’m curious to know in what context he makes these remarks. Is he addressing something that’s currently a big issue there, being only 14 years separated from aprtheid? Is slavery a lingering problem? I think of the parallel in the US, where even a century after abolition, the hatred and prejudice remained woven into the fabric of our culture…

  2. Good, thought provoking stuff, Josh! Did I miss the link to his blog the first time around or did you add that?

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