1 Peter 1:10-12 Outline and Thought Questions


Peter’s goal in these verses is to stir us to worship God for the salvation He has provided.  He does that that by telling us 5 awesome truths about the salvation God has provided and is providing and will provide for us in Jesus Christ.

1.         It is the subject of Old Testament prophecy.

2.         It is the interest of Old Testament prophets.

 3.         It is the fulfillment of Christ’s own prediction.

 4.         It was revealed in the Old Testament for our benefit.

 5.         It is the object of the angelic longing.


Thought Questions 

1.         What is the theme of this passage?  How would you prove that is the theme of this text?

2.         What does the word salvation mean?  What different facets of salvation does the Bible reveal to us?  Identify different texts that speak about these different facets of salvation.  Which aspect do you think Peter is focused on?  See verse 5 and 9?  Where else throughout this letter does Peter talk about the believer’s future salvation?

3.         What does a knowledge of this salvation do in Peter and in his fellow believers according to this passage? 

4.         What might symptoms a person is taking his salvation for granted? What would be the consequences of that? 

5.         How does Peter emphasize the greatness of salvation in verse 10-12?  Would you have emphasized the greatness of salvation this way?  Knowing something of Peter’s background, why does it makes sense that these truths were so special to him?

6.         How specifically are we more privileged than the prophets?  Why is that such a surprising thing for Peter to point out?  How should this truth affect our attitude in the middle of trials?

7.         How does the Old Testament benefit us?  Do you approach the Old Testament with this in mind?  Is your understanding of who Jesus is informed by the Old Testament?  What are some specific things the Old Testament tells us about Jesus?  How might you work on getting to know Jesus and His work through the Old Testament in the weeks to come?

8.         What is an angel?  What are some of the privileges angels have?  What does this passage tell us about the angels attitude towards your salvation?  What does knowing that do in you?


9.         How should you be different as a result of your study of this passage, this week?

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