Jesus according to Mark

In order to stir myself to worship, I sit down with the gospel of Mark every once in a while and just jot down what it tells me about Jesus.  I have gotten through chapter ten so far.


 Mark 1

1. You are center of the gospel. Mark 1:1

2. You are the Son of God. Mark 1:1

3. You are the Messiah. Mark 1:1

4. You are Lord. Mark 1:3

5. You are the point of John the Baptist’s ministry. Mark 1:2-8

6. You are mightier than John the Baptist. Mark 1:7

7. You are so important John the Baptist didn’t feel worthy to untie your shoe. Mark 1:7

8. You are the one who baptized with the Holy Spirit. Mark 1:8

9. You are the Beloved Son of God. Mark 1:11

10. God is well pleased with You. Mark 1:11

11. You were controlled by the Spirit. Mark 1:12

12. You were hated by Satan. Mark 1:13

13. You were served by the angels. Mark 1:13

14. You were a preacher of the gospel. Mark 1:14

15. You are the fulfillment of all that God has been doing in the world. Mark 1:15

16. You are able to command people to change their lives with authority. Mark 1:15

17. You lived perfectly in line with the will of God the Father.  The gospel that Mark says is his in 1:1 is also the gospel that he says is God’s in Mark 1:15.

18. You chose men to follow You. 1:17

19. You are so important you were able to command men to leave their occupations and follow You. 1:17

20. You were able to transform men from fishermen to fishers of men. 1:17

21. You were willing to associate intimately with regular people. 1:17

22. You were an amazing teacher. 1:22

23. You taught with an authority greater than that of the greatest authorities in Israel at the time. 1:22

24. You were acclaimed as the Holy One of God by demons. 1:24

25. You were able to rebuke demons with mere words and have them listen and obey. 1:27

26. You were famous in Galilee for a time. 1:28

27. You were willing to listen to pleas for help. 1:30

28. You were able to heal fevers with the touch of your hand. 1:31

29. You were able to heal all kinds of different sicknesses and cast out all sorts of different demons. 1:32

30. You were willing to serve demanding crowds. 1:32-33

31. You didn’t allow demons to tell people who You were. 1:34

32. After a long night of service, you went out in the early morning to pray. 1:35

33. You were unwilling to capitalize on your fame for material prosperity or temporary glory. 1:38

34. You were clearly aware of your purpose. 1:38

35. State that you came to preach. 1:38

36. You reacted differently to the unclean in Jewish society than typical rabbis. When a leper comes to you, you didn’t run away, throw stones, but allowed him to approach you and you even reach out to him. 1:41

37. You were able to heal leprosy with a touch. 1:41

38. You were willing to heal lepers. 1:41

39. You were moved with compassion for those who are hurting. 1:41

40. You were obedient to the law. 1:44

41. You had authority over demons, sickness, and even uncleanness. 1:21-45

42. You were, willing to heal people who would make things more difficult for him. 1:45


43. You were a preacher of the Word.

44. You valued faith.

45. You had the authority to forgive someone else’s sins.

46. You had the ability to tell what other people were thinking.

47. You were not afraid to confront spiritual leaders who were thinking erroneously.

48. You did not shrink back when people thought he was claiming to be equal with God.

49. Your miracles demonstrated that you had the authority to forgive sins.

50. You were sometimes criticized as being arrogant.

51. You were able to make a paralyzed man walk.

52. You considered forgiveness of sin to be a greater priority than even physical healing.

53. You did things that made people say, “We have never seen anything like this before.”

54. You were constantly teaching.

55. You chose your followers.

56. You commanded your followers.

57. You chose followers that would have been looked down upon by others in your society.

58. You had many tax gatherers and known sinners who were attracted to your ministry.

59. You spent a great deal of time with people that the religious elite of your society would have looked down upon.

60. You came to call sinners. You did not come for the righteous.

61. You knew about your death from the beginning.

62. You saw Yourself as more important than John the Baptist.

63. You were often criticized by people others thought were spiritual as being unspiritual.

64. You considered Your coming a reason for joy.

65. You saw Yourself as bringing a substantially different way of looking at religion than the way of thinking about religion that was being taught by the Pharisees and religious leaders of his day.

66. You were sometimes criticized as being disobedient to the law of God.

67. You were often followed by people who were specifically looking at what you did in order to find fault with it.

68. You often responded to criticism with a question.

69. You knew Scriptures.

70. You interpreted the Scriptures.

71. You saw Yourself as the Son of Man.

72. You viewed Yourself as the Lord of the Sabbath.


73.  You are the final interpreter of the Law.

74.  You are willing to do good to others even at risk of yourself.

75.  You are not controlled by others opinions.

76.  You get angry when people use religion for their own personal agendas.

77.  You are able to be angry and sad at the same time.

78.  You were hated by many of the religious elite of his day.

79.  You are able to heal.

80.  You served others continually.

81.  Unclean spirits recognized you to be the Son of God. 

82.  You came to earth with a specific plan and were not deterred by a quest for popularity.

83.  You were able to give others the authority to cast out demons.

MARK 4 and 5

84.  You were a teacher.

85.  You had authority over all nature.

86.  You had authority over all supernatural spirits.

87.  You had authority over all sickness and disease.

88.  You had authority even over death. 


89.  Your wisdom and his abilities were shocking to those within your hometown.

90.  You were an offense to your hometown because of your humble background.

91.  You were continually teaching.

92.  You were so dedicated to serving others that you often did not have the opportunity to even eat.

93.  You were constantly followed by great crowds.

94.  You were willing to sacrifice your own leisure for the good of others.

95.  You were patient even when being used by others.

96.  You were full of compassion for the lost.

97.  You were able to provide food for thousands of people out of five loaves and two fishes.

98.  You were a man of prayer.

99.  You were able to walk on water.

100.  You were so powerful others were healed just by touching your garment.


101.           You were not bound to unbiblical traditions.

102.           You were more concerned about the commandments of God than the traditions of men.

103.           You were not afraid to confront the religious elite of your day and expose their sin.

104.           You were able to cast out demons without even being near the person.

105.          You made the deaf here and the mute speak.


106.           You had compassion on people’s physical needs.

107.         You performed miracles and people still asked for a sign.

108.          You spent a lot of time with people who didn’t understand you.

109.         You gave the blind sight.

110.         You taught your disciples that you were going to die.

111.         You saw yourself as the Son of Man.

112.         You planned your own death.

113.         You would not allow anyone to distract you from your death.

114.         You saw someone trying to distract you from your death as a work of Satan.

115.         You told people they had to deny themselves in order to follow you.

116.         You asked people to be willing to lose their life for your sake.

117.         You predicted your return.

118.         You said that you would return in the glory of your Father with the holy angels.

119.         You will be ashamed of those who have denied you when you come again.


120.         You were transfigured in front of Peter, James and John.

121.         You spoke with Elijah and Moses.

122.         God the Father spoke from heaven and said that you were His beloved Son.

123.         You predicted that you would rise from the dead.

124.         You were grieved by the lack of faith you saw all around you.

125.         You depended on God in prayer.

126.         You demanded that your followers be servants.

127.          You said that if someone received you they received God the Father.

128.         You claimed to have been sent by God the Father.

129.         You promised a reward to those who serve others in your name.

130.         You promised judgment on those who made it difficult for others to follow you.         


131.         You explained what the Old Testament really meant.

132.         You became indignant when your disciples made it difficult for children to come to you.

133.         You commanded people to sell all they had and follow you.

134.         You promised great future eternal reward to those who have sacrificed to follow you.

135.         You came not to be served but to serve and to give your life as a ransom for many.

136.         You taught that your death would be substitutionary.

137.         You had mercy on the people that society rejected. 

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