The Father Works With Others…

“One of the most astonishing features of the Father’s distinctive work is his willingness and desire to accomplish his work through others. First and foremost the Father works through his Son to bring to us his children every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places. Isn’t it amazing that the Father has so designed that no gift he has for us, no blessing from the storehouse of his treasure, comes to us directly, as it were? . . .

The one who can do anything he wants by himself and without any assistance . . . determines to do so much of his work through another. And not only does he work through another; let’s take it one step further. When the Father does this work through His Son, he revels in the glory and honor that all of creation pays to the Son for the work that He’s done. The Father shares his work, and with the Son, he share his glory.”

Bruce Ware

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