While you were sleeping…

I love how God finds ways to accomplish His great purposes in our lives in ways that make it very clear to everyone that He is the One who did it. This not only makes Him look great, it also increases our joy because whenever we try to take credit for the things He has done in our lives, we are actually only fooling ourselves.

About a year ago, we decided to try to raise the funds to begin a baby home. We have wanted to do this for a long time, spent a couple of years looking at different models of orphan care and a lot of time wishing that we would have the money to be able to do something ourselves, but weren’t exactly sure where to start. So, we decided to set a goal and pray. Looking at homes, we knew we would need around 800,000 rand to be able to purchase a place where we could provide good care for abandoned babies. From there, we want to promote a biblical view of adoption and help these children transition into godly and loving families.

But 800,000 rand! It seemed impossible to us. Not to God, obviously. Just this week we received word that we have passed our goal by close to 30,000 rand. What! And what’s even more fun is that most of it happened while we were sleeping. I can’t tell you how many times we would go to sleep and wake up in the morning with an email telling of someone who heard about the work and wanted to give. It was such a perfect picture to me. Can you be any more helpless than when you sleep? And yet, while we were sleeping God was at work! And from so many different people and places. People we met “accidentally” while visiting a church, friends from school who have developed a burden for adoption in recent years, people putting on special sale days to raise funds, children donating money from their Vacation Bible School programs, others we’ve never met giving on a monthly basis. Wow.

I love relaying some of these stories with you because if God can do these kinds of things in our lives, I guarantee He can do the same in yours! It feels slow sometimes, you try and it doesn’t always work out, you look at yourself and you feel so inadequate, but God’s got a great plan to bring Himself glory and He’s so kind to allow us to be part of it. God’s not limited by our limitations!

Now, for prayer. We found an amazing property that would be big enough for the church and the baby home. It’s right in the middle of Sunnyside. It will take an amazing amount of work! But they are selling it for significantly less than it is worth. We would actually be able to buy it and have money to fix it up. Unfortunately, right now we are second in line. Someone has already made an offer. Would you please pray with us that we would be able to purchase this property if it is the one that will work best for us. If not, will you please pray that we will be content with His much better plan and help us to find another place very soon so we can begin the work in even greater earnest!

3 thoughts on “While you were sleeping…

  1. That really is great will be praying for God’s will on the property because He knows what’s best for us.Saw the property and its really amazing.Let’s trust and depend on Him.Thanks for the update!

  2. This is the greatest news I have heard all week, no wait all year.
    Praise our amazing Father. God bless you with wisdom, love and mercy.
    My heart over flows with joy. (don’t tell anyone my eyes are actually leaking)


    1. Tommie, thank you so much for your love and concern for us and excitement about what God’s up to in our lives. It is such an encouragement to me to see the way God produces unselfish love in other people and it really means a lot to us! I want to be more like that.

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