It is all too rare a thing to find a man who consistently speaks the truth. I want to be one. Here are ten reasons why you should want to be a truth teller as well:

1. Speaking the truth is a characteristic of a godly man.
2. God pleads with us to speak the truth.
3. Truth is a means of protection for you.
4. Truth is one of the primary differences between the unbelieving worldview and the biblical one.
5. Nothing highlights the importance of truth more clearly than the fact that truth is one of God’s essential qualities.
6. Lying is one of the devil’s essential characteristics.
7. Sin is the fruit of a lie and lies are the most prominent characteristic of a lifestyle of sin.
8. God commits himself to judging the liar.
9. Lying destroys relationships. Truth spoken in love produces growth in myself, others and our relationships with one another.
10. Being justified by faith on the basis of Christ’s work takes away every last single “reason” to lie.

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