10 Reasons to Share the Gospel with Someone Today

1. It is a joy to talk about the greatness of God.

2. It helps us remember the work of Christ on our behalf. It will remind us of His love for us.

3. It will keep us from becoming proud if we really think about what we are saying.

4. The person who has not repented of their sins is in an absolutely desperate position. Dead, blind, slaves, these are all images the Bible uses to describe the unbeliever’s condition. This means if we really love a person, how can we not want to share the gospel with them?

5. It is a great privilege to speak the gospel to others. How could we be allowed the opportunity to speak the words of eternal life to others?

6. If we as believers don’t speak the gospel to others, where else are they going to hear it?

7. The gospel has the power to absolutely transform a person. There is no one who is too far gone to be totally changed by the gospel. In an instant, a person can go from dead spiritually to alive. Who’s next? Who will it be? There’s such an excitement to sharing the gospel.

8. The gospel is a message that can change an person’s entire eternal future.

9. The gospel is a message that has the power to change families and communities.

10. When we think about the great love that Christ has for us, the efforts He went to save us, how could we not respond to that by wanting to tell others about what He’s done?

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