23 Nov

We recently looked at Ephesians 4:25 in church and talked about becoming a people who were truthful with one another. Though this at first appears obvious and mundane, if we did become more truthful with one another the church would be a shocking place.

One article I read this week demonstrates just how shocking by summarizing recent research on lying:

“All told, I found that most people lied three times in the course of a 10-minute conversation. Some lied as many as 12 times, and those are just the lies participants admitted to. It’s possible the frequency was even higher. Of course, it would be easy to conclude that the randomly selected participants in my study just happened to be unusually duplicitous, or that some factor in my study induced people to lie far more than they normally would. But my subsequent research on conversations between unacquainted strangers has shown, fairly consistently, that they lie to each other about three times every 10 minutes, both inside and outside the lab.”

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