Why would we ever think God is against us?

9 Dec

“Since God has given us everything He has, in Christ, how can we ever doubt Him? No matter what the circumstance, we can use this argument: If the Father has given His own dear Son to the darkness and death of Calvary, it is utterly unthinkable that He would now send anything through my life, that was not for His glory and my eternal blessing. That is why, even when everything might have seemed to be against him, Paul was able to say in Romans 8 that God worked everything together for His good; and that nothing and nobody could ultimately be against him if God was for him. The reason he knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was for him was to be found in Christ and what He had done.

Paul’s logic is irrefutable. This is the kind of God our saving Father is. Yet how few of us allow our hearts to be molded by this knowledge of Him. One would almost think we preferred to believe that God was against us rather than for us! When we truly belong to Christ, that thought is a lie of the Devil’s making.”

Sinclair Ferguson

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