Two Simple Evangelistic Ideas

Last night we decided to move our Bible study out of doors to the local park.

We will definitely do it again.

In fact, it worked so well that I am thinking that since we have to have church in the afternoons on Sundays, we may have a once in a while morning “service” in the park.

You don’t need loudspeakers or microphones or anything, just a couple of people and you find a place in the park and you start singing. It was just a few guys at first and so I thought they might be embarrassed to do that in the middle of a crowded park, but this is Africa and they definitely weren’t. Then you know what happens after just a little singing, people start wandering over and sitting down and then scooting in and are there to listen when you start working through the Scriptures. It was really fun to watch. We didn’t even go out and invite people to come in, we just start having a simple Bible study, not trying to be obnoxious and in people’s faces, we just moved the Bible study out of doors and people started coming in. Cool.

The other day we tried something similar but as an outreach to children. We brought a number of people from our church to the park and they planned some games and by the end of the game time when one of the men from our church was sharing the gospel there must have been something around sixty children there and again, adults who were on the outskirts and getting closer and closer so they could listen in.

What was cool was that many of the people from our church were able to start conversations about the gospel with these adults as a result.

Not too complicated, definitely not scary, but we came home both times very eager to go out and try again.

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