Amen, Amen, and Amen Again!

Paul Tripp:

Being a pastor is more than preaching sermons and designing programs. It is knowing that you need community, that you have been called to lead the community of love that is the church. That teenager attracted to the world needs God’s love. That single person facing the death of personal dreams needs God’s love. That immigrant brother or sister who feels so out of place and so misunderstood needs God’s love. That mom overwhelmed with her parenting responsibilities needs God’s love. That man tempted to walk out of his troubled marriage needs God’s love. That little boy who lost his father to divorce needs God’s love. That woman living through the ravages of cancer needs God’s love. That couple facing debts they can’t pay needs God’s love. The woman who now faces life without the man who has been her companion for decades needs God’s love. That pastor carrying a heavy weight of spiritual responsibility needs God’s love. That university student facing spiritual warfare needs God’s love. You can love others because the One you represent never fails to perfectly love you this way in both your best and worst moments.

Please, please read the rest!

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