One of the great pictures that the apostle Paul used to help us understand what has happened in our salvation is that of adoption. He speaks of being adopted five times which may not seem like a lot but is actually more than he even speaks of regeneration. Add to that the fact that he describes every member of the Trinity being involved in the adoption process and that Paul traces our adoption from before the foundation of the world to the end of it and you begin to see that this is an important idea.

To be a Christian is to be adopted. But what does that mean exactly?

It is not all that complicated. To be adopted is to be legally transferred from one family to another and as a result to be given all the rights, privileges and honor that goes along with being part of your new family. As one writer explains, “Adoption in the Roman world brought changes to every area of the adoptee’s life. Principally, adoption constituted a break with the old family and on the other a commitment to the new family, along with all its attending privileges and responsiblities.”

Wow. Salvation is huge. When God saves us, he does not only forgive us and declare us righteous, he makes us a real part of His family. Think about that. If you are a believer you are wanted. You belong. At great cost to Himself, because of His loving delight in you, God has chosen you to be His child. Can you think of a greater privilege in all the world than that?

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