None like Him

23 Jan

“Little as I am acquainted with the Lord, I will leave it as my testimony that there is none like Him. God has been good to a soul that but poorly sought Him. Often on riding home on Sabbath evenings, I have felt, ‘Whom have I in heaven but Thee? and there is none upon earth that I desire besides Thee…’ Believer is He not all this to you? O sinner, O unsaved ones of my flock, He might be more than all this to you! Young people who I greatly long for, remember what James Laing said to one, ‘Remember, if I see you at the left hand, I told you to come to Christ.’ Shall I see any of these faces on which I have so often looked and those which have so oft looked up to me, on the left hand? Shall any one here gaze on an angry Judge? any hear Him say, Depart? I beseech you, receive Christ . . . today. I beseech you, by remembrance of past Sabbaths. by the many witnesses that the Lord sent among you from time to time, by the messages of grace so many and so varied, by the joy that your salvation would give above as well as here and to yourselves, by the thought of approaching death, by the thought of the Lord’s speedy coming, by the opening of yonder veil, when eternity shall receive you, and the time be for ever gone, receive Christ now.”

Andrew Bonar

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