Putting up with those who put you out!

24 Jan

I am convinced that Christians should have a generous spirit towards others.

By generous I don’t only mean willing to give people who need money. Instead I mean willing to give people who need it a break. Unfortunately, sometimes people who are Christians have a very difficult time being patient with others. The first irritation, the first sin, the first mistake and that person is written off as not measuring up. We may not literally cast him out of the church, but if he talks too much or if he talks too loud or if he is struggling with a particularly socially unacceptable sin, we avoid him and when we do get in conversations with him, we look for ways to get out of the conversation as quickly as possible, and keep them on the outs of the church until they leave on their own and we don’t have to feel like it’s our fault.

I decided to do a quick run through the New Testament and mark down several reasons we find there why we should be willing to forgive sin, put up with a lot of irritants and personality quirks in others and what’s more, actively reach out and do good to people like that.

1. God is patient with a world of people who are doing the exact opposite of His revealed will. (Mt. 5:33-36)
2. Jesus tells us that way we forgive others who sin against us is the way we want God to forgive us. (Mt. 6:14)
3. Jesus who reveals God was incredibly patient who often did irritating things. For example, when he would want to get alone they often followed him in great crowds without even thinking that they wouldn’t have enough to eat. And yet, how did Jesus respond? He felt compassion for them. (Mt. 14:13,14)
4. Jesus tells his disciples they should be willing to forgive a person the same offense in the same day an endless amount. (Mt. 18:22)
5. God promises that He will take care of vengeance. (Romans 12:19)
6. Every single person will have to give their own account to God for their actions. (Romans 14:12)
7. Jesus did not please himself. (Romans 15:2)
8. If I am not loving, I am nothing and love certainly includes patience. (1 Corinthians 13)
9. I could easily fall into a similar kind of sin or a different but just as serious sin apart from God holding me back. (Galatians 6:1ff)
10. I have many personality quirks myself and if people aren’t patient with me then I won’t have any long term relationships.
11. I could grieve the Holy Spirit by not being patient. (Ephesians 4:30)
12. Jesus will return soon and He will reward us for patiently enduring the evils that are done against us. (James 5)
13. God has proved over and over throughout history that He has a plan to accomplish His people’s good even right in the middle of strange and difficult and terrible and irritating kinds of things being done to them. (James 5)
14. Trusting God enough to do the right thing when there aren’t any tangible benefits or visible reasons to do so finds favor with God and follows in the footsteps of Jesus. (1 Peter 2 and 3)

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