A Means to an End

25 Jan

Here are two very different ways of looking at the world:

1. I am a means to an end. God’s glory is the end and my life is a tool He is free to use however He likes to accomplish that great goal.

2. God is a means to an end. My comfort is the end and God is the tool I try to use to get what I want.

The second way of looking at the world is a foolish man’s fantasy. The first approach is reality and when embraced brings great satisfaction and peace.

God is God. His glory is the goal of everything that exists and that is a good thing because as God He completely deserves that place. Trying to live as if that were not true will only lead to frustration because when you live as if you were the center of the world you are not living in the real world.

Determine that God will be God to you today. That your life will begin and end and center on a vision of God in His glory and make a choice to give God what He deserves in every area of your life.

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