Questions of Questions

26 Jan

I had plans for this week. Plans that I thought were good plans. Plans that I thought were God honoring plans. But then I found myself laid out on my back sicker than I had been in months.


Is going to the toilet this often really the most effective use of my time?

I know, I know, bring out the violins. This was such a small difficulty in light of the kind of pain that people are experiencing throughout the world right now, but I guess it just reminded me of how tempting it is in the middle of circumstances that aren’t not going the way we planned or think best to look up and begin to argue with God.

At least it is tempting for me.

But the thing about arguing with God is that He knows everything and He loves you completely.

I mean really, think about it, how do you win an argument with someone who:

1. Knows exactly what is going to happen in the future ten years from now? A hundred years from now?
2. Knows exactly what is best for you and for the person next to you and for everyone around you?
3. Knows you better than you know yourself?
4. Knows the correct answer to every single question that has ever been asked?
4. Knows exactly what is happening in the thoughts of every single other person on the planet?
5. Loves you with such an overwhelming, unending love that He created the universe so that He could adopt you into His family and proved that love through sending His own Son into the world to die in your place so that you could be forgiven of your sins and be brought into a relationship with Him?

You don’t.

Still life can be so painful that it sometimes feels like your heart is going to burst into a million pieces and because of that, thoughts like these don’t always stop you from attempting to argue with God anyway but, perhaps, I don’t know, but maybe, hopefully they help the way you speak to Him.

Because yes, we do hurt and we do ask questions; but there are different ways to ask the same questions and going back and deliberately thinking about these kinds of truths may help you ask questions of God in your pain like a child would with a parent instead of like a judge lecturing a criminal he’s found guilty.

I am not saying all of that so much as if I were God’s defense attorney, He doesn’t need one; instead I am saying that for your good and mine.

Before we approach God with our questions, if we can, we should try to ask ourselves some questions as well:

Do the questions I am asking of God reflect the fact that I am talking to someone who knows all things?


Am I asking these questions of God the way I should to someone who crucified His own Son for me? To someone who loves me enough to take my hell and who is presently preparing an eternity of joy for me and is going to spend billions and billions and billions of years on end giving me blessings and kindnesses that I absolutely one hundred percent don’t deserve?

And the reason asking those kinds of questions of ourselves is so important is not so much for God’s sake but for ours, because those are the kinds of questions that are based on reality whereas the other kinds of questions that we are tempted to ask in our pain often aren’t.

When I ask questions of God as if He didn’t know all things or as if He didn’t love me, I am asking questions that because of my circumstances may feel true but no matter how true they feel, they aren’t.

God does know all.

God does love me.

Those two facts have been proved in so many different ways. Look at the universe. Look at the cross. They are rock solid realities and obviously if I am asking questions of God that are not based on those realities, then it’s going to be hard for me to ever get true answers or find real comfort in the end which is exactly what God wants for believers in the middle of their pain.

God wants us to be comforted, He wants us to know He loves us and part of finding the comfort and assurance and answers we need is by remembering the one we are asking questions of.

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